Take the tour

Take a look around!

We can only give you a glimpse of Wilvaken’s beauty and charm through our website, but we hope that it makes you feel at home!

Take a look at some of the different sites around camp, and when you visit, you’ll feel like you already know the place!

Welcome to Wilvaken!

Every time I am out on the water, I’m in awe at the incredible view. Nothing can or ever will beat it.” -MC, camper 4 years & staff 1 year

The Barn

Our iconic Red Barn is the first thing you see when you arrive, and you know you’ve made it to Wilvaken!

Wilvaken Lodge

This is the place to be. Meals are served, you can grab a snack, but you can also find a friend! On rainy days, grab a board game. On hot hot days, find some shade here. The daily schedule is always posted for you to find something to do!

Health Centre

Not feeling too well? Find the nurse at our health centre, or spend an afternoon relaxing on the porch by the water. This quiet space will have you feeling better in no time!

Hill section

Head to the hills to find your bunks! Cabins all have electricity and a counsellor assigned to each one. Which country will you live in this summer? France, Jamaica, Sweden, Norway, Arabia, or Italy?

Creek section

Escape to the woods to get to your cabin. All cabins have electricity and a counsellor assigned to each one. Which country will you live in this summer? Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, India, or Australia?


Looking for some sun and fun? Come down to the waterfront to cool down! Our natural beach is over 100 m long from one end to the other. You can go to Boat Beach for canoeing, kayaking, or row boating. Maybe you’d prefer to jump in the water? We have a water trampoline during Free Swim periods! Walk a little further and you can catch some wind over at Windsurf beach. Watch out for the beach volleyball game!

Voyageur Forest

Build a shelter, find some wildlife, or discover a new path in the woods. Voyageur forest is the best place for our nature lovers. Find something new there every day! We also have our Nature Hut – where terrariums can be filled with your discoveries.

Craft Shop

Feeling artsy? Head over to our Craft Shop – where you can create anything you like! Take your work outside, and enjoy our newly built porch, for the best craft lighting. Be inspired by the beauty around you!

Playing field & Tennis court

Grab a ball! Soccer, kickball or touch rugby. We’ve got an open space for you to play all day! Our natural clay tennis court is great for doubles matches, or play a pick-up game of basketball. We’ve got a badminton net too if you’d rather hit a birdie!

Sailing dock

Probably one of everyone’s favourite places to watch the sunset. Come here during the day to go sailing or fishing with a friend. Then spend the evening watching the stars and listening to the wind over the water. You can only have beautiful views from the sailing dock!