Our activities


What better way to enjoy freedom than on a boat with some friends. Or once you’re a pro, take one out solo?

Swimming lessons

Lifesaving Society Swim Lessons are given 1 hour daily. We also offer Bronze Medallion and Cross courses for campers 13+ during select sessions.

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Out trips

If you’re interested in getting deeper into the wilderness and venturing off with a smaller group, sign up for one (or more!) of our out trips!

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One of the oldest modes of transportation - no wonder it’s so peaceful to go canoeing!


At Wilvaken, we alternate between using English and French every two days.

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Very few activities take more concentration than Archery. Pick up your bow!

Free swim

Too hot from your other activities? Jump in the water at 3:15 every day!


Want to be independent? Grab a kayak and take your tip test!

Water skiing

Never tried? Now’s your chance! two skis, 1 ski, wake boarding…Or double up with a friend!


Even if you’ve never played, you’re guaranteed to walk away knowing some chords and a song if you practice guitar this summer.


We might not have surfing, but add some wind to the combination and you can ride the waves in a new and exciting way!


For campers 12 and up, practice your marksman skills with our air rifles. Get ready for a tournament!


Gain greater knowledge about plant and animal life in our environment. Wilvaken has several different ecosystems to discover!


Discover the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships during one of our bike trips!


Want to develop your survival skills? Learn about shelter and fire building, and other woodsman techniques.

Arts & Crafts

Have a creative idea? Come make what you want! The Craft Shop is almost always open.


Miss your soccer team back home? Play a game of pickup with us!


Practice your art of dramatization - we put on a play at the end of each month!


Our natural clay tennis court is a great place to practice your serves, lobs, and volleys


Beach volleyball? We can take it seriously, or just play around.