What is Wil-Virtual?

We are offering this program to our families to bring some Wilvy Spirit to your summer! Our intention is to provide regularly scheduled programming throughout the summer to foster connections, encourage creativity, and build community.

Wil-Virtual is free of charge for all of our families, and any families you would like to invite!
We understand that this cannot replace your child’s in-person camp experience. We would like them to have access to a creative community throughout the summer!

We ask you to consider making a contribution to our GoFundMe page to help pay staff who are hired for the Wil-Virtual program, as well as other fixed costs for our year-round expenses (property taxes, site maintenance, etc)

Summer schedule:

Each week will offer a variety of activities, updated regularly on our website (see below). Activities will run at the same time, so that you can plan your days ahead! You can choose to participate in some, or all activities throughout the week. Feel free to sign up for several week-long sessions, as Cabin Time groups and some activities will run all summer. The choice is yours!

Live sessions on Zoom for all ages: An opportunity to learn something new, get creative, and connect with our community. Activities run 6 times per week. Please see our schedule below.

On or offline challenges: Challenges to get you moving! Posted regularly on Instagram, Facebook.

Cabin time (by age group): A designated evening each week for age group cabin time! An unstructured time to check-in with their counsellors. There will be an additional focus on sustainability to keep us connected with nature. See our schedule below.

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Schedule for July 5 - July 11


7/05/2020 7/06/2020 7/07/2020 7/08/2020 7/09/2020 7/10/2020 7/11/2020
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
11:00 AM What: Origami
Where: Zoom
Who: Jake & Marc
What: Spanish Lessons
Where: Zoom
Who: Marc & Virg
What: Pictionary
Where: Zoom
Who: Jake & Virg
1:00 PM What: Slime!
Where: Zoom
Who: Emma & Kelsie
What: Fairy Garden & Gnome Homes
Where: Zoom
Who: Vanessa & Kelsie
What: World Tour
Where: Zoom
Who: Emma & Kelsie
3:00 PM What: Hoedown Throwdown
Where: Instagram
Who: Emma & Vanessa
What: Flower Crowns
Where: Instagram
Who: Emma & Kelsie
What: What tree is that?
Where: Instagram
Who: Jake & Jamie
4:00 PM What: Guitar Lessons
Where: Zoom
Who: Jacob & Jamie
7:00 PM Cabin Time!
7-10 years
Where: Zoom
Who: Marc & Vanessa
Cabin Time! 11-13 years
Where: Zoom
Who: Jamie & Virg
Cabin Time!
14-16 years
Where: Zoom
Who: Emma & Jacob