What will I eat ?

At Wilvaken, we get rave reviews on our food!

It’s one thing everyone comments on when they leave.

We serve three complete meals a day at camp, as well as snacks in the afternoon and evening. Meals are prepared on site, daily, by our cooks who have been with us for years! Think you’ll get hungry in between? We keep a fruit bowl available at all times, and there are water stations around camp.

An Outdoor BBQ with hotdogs, chips, and veggies is enjoyed by all every Saturday at suppertime!


She always felt safe, included and had tons to do. The food was delicious and she wishes she had copies of some of the recipes!

Shannon, parent

She mentioned how delicious she found the chilli and fajitas and said that it would be great to see them served more frequently. She also mentioned that access to fresh fruit, especially peaches, was great.

Theresa, parent

We follow the Canada Food Guide suggestions, and a dietician checks over our menu periodically.

As part of our sustainable approach, we take part in the Meatless Monday movement – where every Monday we offer meatless meals only. For the rest of the session, we always include a vegetarian option. Fresh, local vegetables are part of our meals, once or twice a day. We also offer milk, juice, and water

Meals are served cafeteria style, so that we reduce food waste, and each camper has the chance to select their food. We encourage our campers to try everything; they need their energy at camp! Second servings are available at every main course for campers who need the extra boost.

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

Any special dietary needs or allergies must be indicated on the medical form so that the kitchen can prepare the meals with adequate quantities and proper foods. If your child has very specific requirements, parents may have to bring supplementary food for the kitchen to prepare.

We would like to inform parents that we are not a nut free camp, but we will not serve any meals that would compromise a child who has allergies during their stay at Wilvaken. We must know of any allergy prior to the child’s arrival. An Epi-Pen is always kept in the main lodge where everyone eats their meals.

Let's eat!

Breakfast always includes: oatmeal, cold cereal (Rice Crispies, Corn Flakes etc.), fresh frozen orange juice, fresh fruit, toast, jam, peanut butter, honey, caramel spread, milk.

Lunch offers bread, margarine, potatoes, rice, noodles, vegetables either cooked or raw.

Supper includes bread, margarine, soup, vegetables – usually raw i.e. Salads or chopped vegetables.

Dessert after lunch and supper is a different choice almost every day, including cake, strawberry shortcake (in season), brownies, pie, ice cream, rice crispy squares etc., and fresh fruit.

Snacks consist of juice, milk, cookies and fruit.

Take a look at our sample menu to get an idea of what we eat!

Sample Menu