What do our families say?

Most of our testimonials are written in their original language.

“Access to sailing, canoeing, water skiing and camping are all activities that I had a chance to do as a kid. As a proud Canadian living abroad, I was keen for Kate to experience those same activities on a lake in Canada. Wilvaken came highly recommended and fit the bill.”

Mike, parent

I was very impressed by the camp, the staff and the activities. It is definitely a camp with a lot of spirit and camaraderie. My son went very unwilling at the beginning and left wanting to go back for 4 weeks, as he said, 'I had the time of my life.

Mary, alumni camper and parent

Nicolas a adoré son expérience à votre camp. Je l'ai rarement vu si enthousiaste. Il avait tellement de choses à raconter (alors qu'il est habituellement peu bavard sur ses impressions).
Il dit que les moniteurs étaient TRÈS cools, que l'ambiance et les activités étaient le fun. Il a aussi apprécié le fait que ça soit petit et que tout le monde se connaisse.

Marie, parent

I think we can safely say that the experiences Davie has had over the last six years at Wilvaken have shaped him as much, if not more, than anything else he has done. He has been accepted for who he is, and, despite difficulties over the years, has been allowed to grow into who he is today and work through the changes and challenges of adolescence... his love for Wilvaken inspired him to overcome those challenges and recognize the maturity that was already there within him.

Ralph, parent

Ce que j’aime lorsque je vous confie mes enfants: La liberté: j’apprécie particulièrement que Wilvaken offre aux jeunes la possibilité d’évoluer chacun à leur rythme, sans que l’horaire soit le même pour tous et sans que les jeunes soient forcés à faire des activités qu’ils n’aiment pas…ils ont assez de contraintes tout le reste de l’année.

Bernard, parent

I don't know how to capture what has happened to me over the course of five years at Wilvaken, but I know for sure that it is more than the sailing or the theme days, or anything else; it cannot be summed up by the word fun. I don't know just where I'm going, and I'm scared, but this place takes me away like no person or song ever will be able to, and I thank it for that.

Henri, camper 6 years

Me encanta este campamento por muchas cosas y una de ellas es la calma.

Mario, camper 1 year

You will enjoy your time here no matter how long you've been here for. At the end of your stay here, you'll never want to leave.

Matt, camper 7 years

Ma 3eme année au camp, et chaque année est meilleur qu’en précédente. J'espère que ce camp restera toujours le même et si jamais je ne reviens pas, cet endroit me manquera.

Brieuc, campeur 4 ans