Meet the staff

Wilvaken staff are one of a kind! Many of them were campers, and they want to give back the best experience possible! They’ll teach you new skills, and share in the laughter along the way. Our staff return year after year and look forward to campers doing the same. They embody the Wilvy Spirit every single day!

What do our staff love about camp?
Hear it from them!

“It feels so good to watch your campers improving their skills during the whole session and to see them super happy to be here, at my favourite place in the world. Être moniteur est assurément de donner au suivant, et je pense avoir réussi à leur faire aimer le camp autant que moi. Chacune de mes campeuses m’ont fait grandir d’une quelconque manière et j’espère avoir eu un impact sur elles aussi.” – Laurence, camper, CIT, counsellor

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I think that you have an excellent core of dedicated and passionate counsellors (ex campers, returning staff etc...)

Fred, parent

The counsellors are probably the best part because they are so friendly and funny, they just make everything better.

Nico, camper 2 years

Ce que j’aime lorsque je vous confie mes enfants est le fait que les moniteurs soient des anciens campeurs et qu’ils contribuent à véhiculer la culture Wilvaken.

Bernard, parent

Sammy (He/Him)

Anne (she/her)

Sarah (She/Her)

Miguel (He/Him)

Jakey (He/Him)

Inga (She/Her)

Olivia (She/Her)

Jackson (He/Him)

Jacob (He/Him)

Trista (She/Her)

Ed (He/Him)

Arnaud (He/Him)

Simon (He/Him)

Ariane (She/Her)

Laura (She/Her)

Clara (She/Her)

Lu (She/Her)

Felix (He/Him)

Jenny (She/Her)

Flo (She/Her)

Zain (He/Him)

Katie (She/Her)

Gabriel (He/Him)

Theo (He/Him)

Renée (She/Her)

Antoine (He/Him)

Philippe (He/Him)

Gopi (She/Her)

Chris (He/Him)


Henry (He/Him)

Cassie (She/Her)

Kayla (She/Her)

Interested in working for us?

We are seeking passionate, active, young men and women who want to devote their summer to working with youth from around the world. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills as well as theirs, spend a summer by the lake, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

What qualifies you to be a Wilvaken staff member?  

  • Be willing to give every day your 100%
  • Offer activity skills – on the waterfront, or on land.
  • Be compassionate, caring, and creative
  • Have some experience working with youth
  • Be 17 +  with certified First Aid.
  • Lifeguarding qualifications are an asset
  • Support staff positions also available!
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