A day in the life at Wilvaken

A program we believe in

Every day at Wilvaken is one to remember. If you get to camp and you prefer to windsurf, then get your lifejacket and sail ready, because that’s what you’ll do! Take part in our canoe or hiking trips, and discover the local wilderness! Of course, we encourage you to try different things, but it’s possible that you find your passion from day one. Take risks, try something new, and take all the time that you need.

Leah had a wonderful time at camp. She enjoyed the children in her cabin as well as other children that she met through the various activities. Leah really appreciated having the freedom to choose her activities. She enjoyed the size of the grounds as well as the number of campers. Leah thrives in smaller communities and looks forward to returning next year. She enjoyed everything at camp.” -Monica, parent

At Wilvaken, we want our campers to enjoy everything they do. Our program provides a great degree of individual freedom of choice, depending partly on the age group of the camper. We feel that youngsters are here on holiday, and should not be subject to as structured a routine as they usually are during their school year. This aspect of freedom is appreciated by both the campers and their families.

A sense of freedom

Campers quickly learn to exercise their autonomy with responsibility. Most who attend Wilvaken for their first summer learn within a couple of days how to choose their activities and make the most out of their time with us. There is always staff available to organize activities based on what they would like to do!

What can you do at Wilvaken ?

Wilvaken campers choose two or three instruction activities in a four day cycle. These two activities are during the first two periods in the morning, and one period after lunch. Following their instructionals, campers then have a free choice period, where they may choose an activity offered on the daily schedule. So as an example, if they are super keen sailors, they can continue sailing till lunchtime. Canoe fanatics, on the other hand, can choose to work on their canoeing levels!

Campers who sign up for swimming or language lessons must prioritize those activities. They will have a set schedule for those lessons, which still includes lots of time for free choice!

Change it up !

The afternoons are a little more free, and campers may choose to do other activities offered during this time.This is a great time to practice what was learned in the morning. A daily program sheet is posted at the lodge.

There is plenty of opportunity to pass levels in swimming, sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. Over the course of 2 weeks, campers who practice may attain level achievements if they concentrate and work hard. Staff members are always there to encourage and work with each camper.

Some days, our schedule changes as we have camp-wide programming, theme days, and afternoon adventures! Afternoons may also be used by the cabin group to do an outing. They may go on a local hike, an island adventure, or a walk in the woods.


07:30 Greet the day
08:00 Breakfast, followed by cabin clean up
09:00 Morning instruction periods – Sailing, water-skiing, tennis, canoeing, guitar, crafts, many more…
10:00 2nd morning instruction period
11:00 Red Cross & Life Saving swim classes, language group, free choice activities, etc.
12:15 Lunch, followed by cabin time rest period
14:00 Afternoon activities — Sailing, riflery, archery, etc. Swim instruction for some, free choice for others.
15:15 Afternoon snack, followed by supervised free swim.
16:00 Swim instruction, supervised free choice — waterfront activities, field games, craft shop, or just relaxing with friends.
17:30 Supper
18:30 Various evening program activities – beach party, camp fire, talent show, games…
This program is varied by special events such as the popular Saturday night dance, hiking and canoe trips, overnight sleep-outs, regatta afternoon, etc.
20:15 Evening snack for juniors, then bed time.
21:00 Evening snack for intermediates & seniors, and a quiet time.
Bed time 20:30 to 21:30 depending on age group